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Title :  GoT Rewind : White Walkers (Season 7)
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Michelle Gurrola
I like the U-shaped graph showing the kings and where they are found in the a Book of Ether. So informative.
Comment from : Michelle Gurrola

G Murphy
Can't get over the glyphs, this is a reason people leave the Church. We should listen to our prophets and believe the book of Mormon, not make up such things. For instance. Jaredites took animals with them such as a lamb which would be needed. We know they were near the hill Cumorah. One of the last great battles later was near into Cumorah. There are abundance of lambs and many wilderbeasts. Even remains of Elephants have been found in this area of New York.
Comment from : G Murphy

The Pianist
Wow. Thank you!
Comment from : The Pianist

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